A must when selling a new building space, or when proposing a facelift to an existing
property—a clean rendering can bridge the gap from a concept to a tangible entity. No more painting swatches on the sides of buildings.
See the finished product before the first can of paint is opened.

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Private Residence
The owners of this Orange Park residence went through quite a few iterations, in this case (12), before finally settling on the design above. The customer is always right. Right?
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Highlands Apartment Homes
A newly redesigned mailroom. A huge improvement from the existing condition. It has a nice, clean welcoming look to it now.
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Highlands Apartment Homes
This is a different approach to rendering, where an existing floor plan is rendered in a 3D perspective, allowing an overall view at the space with furnishings.
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Pacific Apartment Homes, Redondo Beach
This property underwent dramatic changes, and now is quite an impressive environment.

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The Heights on Superior, Northridge
The room shown here is a lounge for playing games, listening to music, or just hanging out with friends. I think it is a nice, fun design.

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