Print Design

Our print design is a marriage of 
an intentional aesthetic with the conveyance 
of information. 
Composition, colors, type treatment
, paper stock and the end-user experience are all taken into 

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Atlantic Bridge
Offering college bound students the chance of a lifetime—to study medicine or dentistry in Ireland. After earning their degrees, the students return to North America to practice their chosen career. Our goal was to show off not only the majesty of the historic universities, but also the natural beauty of Ireland.
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AbsoluteOC Magazine
Here is a double-truck ad for a local realtor in the glossy, high-end magazine called AbsoluteOC. A clean and simple layout allows the stunning beauty of the home to sell itself.
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Having been disappointed with the in-house efforts to produce a suitable invitation to an industrywide party sponsored by Irritrol, we were called to the rescue. The idea was to show our major senses being dazzled by the event. In the censored words of the client, " I ****ing love it!" Higher praise is hard to find.
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We were given a photo of the laser loupes and not much else to produce an 8-page brochure. To focus on the precision of the product we chose to showcase them in a spartan environment—clean and uncluttered.
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AquFlow produces industrial pumps for numerous applications. Again, this was a product that generally doesn't garner much excitement, however by adding some fluid-like images in the background, we were able to bring some much needed pizazz to the piece.

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