While trained in traditional illustration, we have applied that same training to our digital work.
There are many times when an illustration will suit a particular project better than a traditional photo.
We also do 3D illustrations and architectural renderings.

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Private Commission
While technically not an illustration, but a fine art piece—we did want to share this work. At approximately 3' x 5' this is one of our larger pieces. The piece was done in oils on canvas. It now resides somewhere in Arizona.
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Safe T Jack
An innovative answer to jacking safety, the Safe T Jack is in a class by itself. We were commissioned to do an semi-animated series of 3D illustrations for a trade show. The rest of the imagery can be seen by clicking on the image above.
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Private Collection
Another "fine art" piece. This was done on masonite with oil. It was later color manipulated on the computer. 
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Leach International Corp.
As we were often given used product to photograph for advertising, at times it was just easier to reproduce the product as a digital illustration. The results were as good or better than a retouched photo image.

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After Degas
Another oil on canvas piece. The painting is a copy of a Degas head study.

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