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Designed to be both user-friendly and device-friendly,
our sites strive to balance form and function. We work hard
to make the mundane – exciting, and the ordinary – beautiful.

Control Sciences Incorporated
Electronic control devices are not by nature exciting. In order to breathe some life into an otherwise rather sterile environment, we chose to show some of the actual uses for the products. Submarines and robots are a bit more enthralling than the individual parts that make them up.
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The DC Contemporary Dance Theatre (DCCDT)
Have been given excellent photography to work with, our goal was to showcase the graceful imagery and excitement of live performance art. 
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We have been working with Amore for more than a decade. The contemporary styles are always up-to-date. We are kept busy with new styles arriving frequently. It's always a pleasure working with our local businesses.
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Claremont Financial Group
This is site for a financial planning, guidance and management group. We designed their site as well as their logo. Our goal was to present a professional,  yet engaging look. With text-heavy sites it's nice to have some white space to let the user's eyes have a some rest while perusing.
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Barbour's Bakery
Barbour's Bakery is a small-town, family-run bakery that has been in business for over a century. We designed their logo from an image of one of their original delivery trucks from the early 1900s. We loved the classic lettering and added some wheat sheafs, as well as a ribbon-like flourish below. This, with the added personality of workers of the day, herald back to simpler times.

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